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GTQ7 Series Automatic Transfer Switch

GTQ7 series automatic transfer switch is PC three-stage or two-stage ATSE, applicable to high-rise buildings, hospitals, hotels, airports, oil and electricity communications, fire protection, industrial assembly lines and rated voltage 400V, 50Hz, rated current 800A and below , Chemicals, metallurgy, military facilities, and other important parts that require continuous power supply are used for state-level primary loads and some Class II loads to complete the automatic conversion of the power of the dual-circuit power supply system to ensure the reliability of power supply for important users.
The product has perfect detection and protection functions, with the latest microcomputer control system as the core, electromagnetic compatibility design, real-time detection of the power supply status of the power supply, and can ensure the high reliability operation of the power supply system.

Standard:GB/T14048.11 (IEC60947-6-1)

Technical specification
Breaker frame size rated current: 63, 125, 250, 800A
Rated voltage Ue:AC400V
Rated current: 16A~800A
Rated insulation voltage Ui: 800V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp: 8kV
Poles number: 3P, 4P
Use category: AC-33A (16A-125A) AC-33B (80A-630A) AC-33iB (800A)
Appliance grade: PC grade
Conversion method: ATSE
Installation method: Fixed
Certification: CCC