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GTM1 Series moulded case circuit breaker

GTM1 series moulded case circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is one of the new circuit breakers developed and developed by the company using international advanced design and manufacturing technology.Its rated insulation voltage is 800V (GTM1-63 is 500V), suitable for AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage of 400V and below, rated operating current to 800A circuit for infrequent conversion and motor infrequent start. Circuit breakers have overload, short-circuit, and under-voltage protection features that protect the line and source equipment from damage.

The circuit breaker has the characteristics of small size, high breaking speed, short flying arc (zero arc over part of specification), and anti-vibration. It is an ideal product for land and ships.

Strandard: GB/T14048.2-2012(IEC60947-2)

Technical specification
Breaker frame size rated current: 63、125、250、400、630、800A
Rated current: 10A—800A
Rated voltage Ue:AC400V、AC690V
Rated insulation voltage: 800V(GTM1-63 is 500V)
Rated impact withstand voltage: 8kV
Frequency: 50Hz
Trip Type: Thermal Magnetic, Single Magnetic
Breaking capacity: Icu:35kA-65kA、Ics:25kA-50kA(AC400V);Icu:20kA、Ics:10kA-15kA(AC690V)
Use category: A Type
Poles number: 2P、3P、4P
Installation method: Fixed, Plug-in
Certification: CCC