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National High-Tech Enterprise National Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment Standardization Technical Committee Unit National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise Zhejiang famous brand National Shou contract reliance enterprises Zhejiang Famous Traders National Spark Program Project Provincial high-tech enterprise R&D center National Spark Program Outstanding Team Provincial postdoctoral workstation Energy-saving products Huimin Engineering Company Provincial Industrial Design Center Wind power generation low-voltage switch standard drafting unit Zhejiang Province Innovative Model SMEs China Federation of Industry and Technology Progress Award Zhejiang famous brand products National Model Workers' Home Zhejiang Standard Innovative Enterprise National secondary safety production standardization enterprise Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Award National SME Innovation Fund Zhejiang AAA Grade Shou contract re-credit unit GTM9 Molded Case Circuit Breaker National Torch Project Zhejiang AAA tax-paying credit enterprise GTM9E Electronic Molded Case Circuit Breaker National Torch Program Project Zhejiang SME Technology Center GTF, GTZL Computer Software Copyright Yueqing Mayor Quality Award Chairman Zhang Jianfang won the top ten economic figures of Chinese circulation enterprises The Top Ten Competitive Brands of the Second China Real Estate 2017 Purchase Summit Chinese Red Cross Humanitarian Service Medal Certificate of Authorization for the Use of Public Brand Identity of "Character Mark"
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